Advent is Here

Advent carries a meaning “coming” or “arrival”. In the Christian calendar it has become a season to celebrate the fact that Jesus came or shall we say crashed into the neighborhood of humanity as a baby only to fulfill all that the scriptures detailed the Messiah and savior of the world would do. Advent is also a season where Christians anticipate the second coming of Jesus as much as the people of God anticipated the arrival of The Savior and Messiah. We look forward to the hope, peace, and love that come when The Kingdom of Heaven invades the place we call home today… the earth. 

This already but not yet reality that Jesus brings with His presence creates an atmosphere of yearning, waiting, and anticipation of the future we all can be hopeful for. We are reminded of the story of the Israelites who were slaves in a distant land separated from the hope found in God crying out for a way of deliverance and God met them in Egypt through a prophet named Moses and delivered them so that He would be there God and they would be His people. 

We will cover four aspects of this Advent season in our new series called The Arrival. This Sunday we will dive into Hope, followed by Prepare and Love… and finally bringing it all together on Christmas Eve with our focus on “The Christ”. 

This week we explore the hope of advent… It is that hope, faint at times, and God, seeminglydistant at times, which brings the church and the world into a desire and anticipation of a King who will rule with love, truth, justice and righteousness over His creation. 

We have many ways to celebrate and embrace the Arrival of Jesus… let’s make this Advent season one to remember for One Community Church, for your family, and for your community. Out of our hope for the coming and arrival of Jesus, we love those in our lives no matter the circle you find them in and offer the same hope that is transforming our lives. 

Offer hope this month and may that hope carry you into new depth of your relationship with Jesus and others. May hope be the catalyst of change in our hearts and in our world. 

See You This Sunday… bring someone who’s in need of some hope! We will be handing it out in large quantities at One Community Church.