Does not wisdom call out?
Does not understanding raise her voice?
At the highest point along the way,
where the paths meet, she takes her stand;
beside the gate leading into the city,
at the entrance, she cries aloud:
‘To you, O people, I call out;
I raise my voice to all mankind…
Listen, for I have trustworthy things to say;
I open my lips to speak what is right.’
— Proverbs 8:1-4, 6 (NIV)

Quiet & Listen

When you were a kid, who were you in your family? Were you the talker? Or did you keep to yourself?

Well... I was the talker. At the dinner table if there was silence I just HAD to fill it with something. I very rarely was okay with sitting in silence. Over time, that has changed. I have learned to slow down and be quiet, but not without being intentional about changing my behaviour.

The writer of Proverbs give Wisdom a voice in chapter eight. In this chapter Wisdom implores the people to listen to her voice and the things she has to say. She’s not just talking here, but actually “crying out” to all mankind, just to be heard. Verses later in the chapter show that not all listen, even though the cry is loud.

The Trap

We often fall into the trap of talking, doing and running around more than slowing down and listening. In the Western culture we all live in it is normal and almost expected to be constantly going and doing. The common phrase calls it “burning the candle at both end.”

Few time is spent or set aside in our days or weeks (okay, months!) to slow down and listen. Listen to the words of Wisdom that so desperately need to be heard. Listen for the Word of God through others around us.

Slow Down

Wisdom is seeking for her words to be heard. God is seeking for His people to listen. Will you take the time to slow down enough to listen? Have you allowed your schedule to get in the way of growing in your understanding of God and His Word, the only true source of Wisdom? The time has come to change habits, change your schedules and slow down to listen.